Saturday, 22 June 2013

Thick Yogurt (Greek or Turkish Style)

Some time ago, I had some home made thick yogurt in a local restaurant which was absolutely delicious.  It wasn't like anything I'd ever bought in a shop.  I went home, resolving to find out how to make this wonderful yogurt.

By this time, I was already making my own regular yogurts for the guest house.  Some research on the internet revealed that thick yogurt is actually just regular yogurt which has been strained to remove some of the liquid.

Thick Yogurt layered with honey & pomegranate

Once I had got the method right, I made the above as a special breakfast item for the guests at our bed and breakfast.  The picture shows glasses layered with thick yogurt, honey and pomegranate.   I covered them with a jam pot cover and an elastic band.  They went down well with the guests.  

This is the method I used:

  • Make the yogurt as usual and chill it.  
  • Line a sieve with a piece of clean muslin
  • Spoon the yogurt into the muslin
  • Place the sieve over a bowl to collect the liquid that drains off.
  • Leave for 1 or 2 hours, depending on how thick you like your yogurt.
I should say that mine wasn't quite the same as the one in the restaurant so I must pay them another visit and ask them how.  I have since read that some people add cream to their Greek style yogurt so maybe that's the difference!  However, I won't be doing that as I have to consider my expanding waistline!

I also use this thick yogurt to make tzatziki or raita and to replace cream in many recipes and desserts.

Word of warning re pomegranate - wear protective clothing!  It stains like nothing else stains!  Nothing removes it.  I lost a few chef's shirts to pomegranate!
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