Monday, 9 April 2012

Norwich Riverside Walk from Bishops Bridge

Well, it wasn't a particularly nice day (it was Easter!), but having been indoors all weekend, we decided to venture out, stretch the legs a bit and get some fresh air.  We decided to walk around a part of the Wensum river that we don't often see so we parked up on Riverside Road and walked down the steps next to Bishop's Bridge to reach the riverside walk.  

Almost immediately, we came across Cow Tower across the river,  looking bigger in real life than I remember it.  Cow Tower was part of the city defences and was built around 1398-9, so pretty old!

Carrying on, we came to a new pedestrian bridge which I hadn't seen before, called Jarrold's Bridge***, which was built to link up a new riverside development with the historic city centre. 

Something tells me that the positioning of this bridge was no accident!  As you approach the bridge the view of Norwich Cathedral is right in line with the bridge, making a perfect photo opportunity.  It's a very modern bridge and I enjoyed experimenting with a few photo angles.  And made a note to go back on a sunnier day to take some more.  

*** New news!***
This bridge has received a commendation at the Structural Steel Design Awards at a ceremony held at the Museum of London in the middle of July 2012. The judges commented that ‘This beautifully crafted structure gives an impression of already being well established in its setting’.

We crossed over at the bridge and following the river round we passed opposite St James Mill, a Grade 1 listed building described as "the quintessential English Industrial Revolution mill".   A row of beautiful weeping willows fronts the river's edge.

We then had to leave the river briefly and cross a road before rejoining the riverside walk until we reached this colourful row of houses, recently refurbished, with Fye Bridge on the right, and a glimpse of city hall's green-topped tower behind the buildings.

From here, we turned left and wandered a bit through the cathedral quarter, looking a little bit at this and that, whatever caught our eye.  We walked up an unremarkable narrow street that we had never been up before and found ourselves at the end of Elm Hill, a very pretty and famous cobbled street of medieval houses.

We then walked down to the strangely named Tombland and then through the Cathedral gates into Cathedral Close, with its "chocolate box" pretty houses.  Finally along past the Great Hospital and back over Bishops Bridge to the car.

A very enjoyable walk with a lot of old, a bit of new and a new discovery for me!


  1. Lovely photos Elspeth, makes me want to visit Norwich and go for the same walk!

    1. Thanks, Fiona, I'm glad you liked it!

    2. And obviously I can suggest an excellent guest house!


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