Saturday, 27 August 2011

Blackberry, Apple & Linden Jelly

This jelly is a sweet one and has a very rich red/black colour.

It is flavoured with a "tilleul" tea bag.  Tilleul is a French word used to describe a herbal tea which is a blend of the fragrant flowers and leaves from the linden tree.  I'm particularly fond of this herbal tea, which I drank a lot when I lived in France so when I came across it as a possible flavour combination with blackberries, I was keen to try it out!  It adds just a subtle enhancement to the flavour which I quite like.

Blackberry, Apple & Linden Jelly

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Making Your Own Yogurts

At our guest house in Norwich, we make our own yogurts and I'm often asked for information about how to make them, what equipment I use and so on, so I thought I'd write this blog post as a reference point for those of you that are interested in having a go yourselves. I make mine with 2% fat milk (semi-skimmed) and this makes creamy yogurts which are mild, pleasant to eat and don't need any sweetening. Many of the guests comment that they "feel nice in the tummy" and I know what they mean!

If you prefer your yogurts fruity or sweet, do what the French do and just add a teaspoon of jam or honey!

It's worth mentioning that this post covers making yogurt from cows milk.  Yogurt can also be made with certain types of lactose-free milk, goats milk, sheeps milk etc.  This however, goes beyond my knowledge and experience.  The methods and culture times are likely to be different.

Note:  I have been told that the yogurt maker from Amazon's listing is supplied with a continental plug so you would need an adaptor in order to be able to use it.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Wild Plum & Apple Jelly

Made from hedgerow plums & cooking apples, this jam is not as sweet as commercial jams and has a pretty translucent pink colour.

Wild Plum & Apple Jelly

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